Poor recruiting has ruined many football coaches. You’ve got to have a certain amount of salesmanship in you to do that job. You can’t be lazy, and you must enjoy meeting and corresponding with the kids and their parents/guardians. I’m sure that CBB knew this as well, and we were led to believe he was a great recruiter and was good with the kids. He seemed to be bringing in very good talent in the first two years, but after he went into Texas and told them their spread offense would not work in the SEC his recruiting took a turn for the worse.

I feel Chad Morris and his staff are just what the doctor ordered, and will get this team on the right track. He is going to bring kids in who are much more talented than some in the past. I have more faith in this hire than any in our recent past. We will go to a bowl next year, there is no doubt in my mind. WPS!