Conference championship games

It’s worth noting these are the conference championship games. There are a lot of hot-name coaches in these games. I can’t see an instance in which any would interview with any team before their title games have been played.

ACC: Clemson vs. Virginia
American: Memphis vs. Cincinnati
Big Ten: Ohio State vs. Wisconsin
Big 12: Oklahoma vs. Baylor
MAC: Central Michigan vs. Miami (Ohio)
Mountain West: Boise State vs. Hawaii
Pac-12: Oregon vs. Utah
SEC: LSU vs. Georgia
Sun Belt: Appalachian State vs. Louisiana-Lafayette

Have you heard any hot rumors Matt?

We all hear rumors. I was taught a long time ago that a reporter does not report rumors. My job is to report facts, and there are few of those as it relates to the coaching search right now.

I like your style.

I appreciate that approach. Much of what is journalism today is fairly called fake news for a reason.

Well excuse me for asking! Anything you guys report from your sources is a rumor or speculation nothing more. That’s ok though I won’t ask you anything else.

That is not true. I am extremely cautious about using sources in stories and go to great lengths to make sure what they are telling is true. Any time we have a sourced story it has been double verified.

That leads us to be later reporting some stories than others are. But it also saves us from reporting incorrect information.

As for the rest of your post, there is nothing wrong with asking, but I’m not going to throw out “hot rumors.” That’s not reporting, and reporting is what we do.

Thanks for sticking with the principles of journalistic integrity, Matt. There are so very many people who will never understand what that entails in regards to someone unwilling to step outside the bounds of their job as a reporter. Bloggers, talking heads, opinion pieces and social media in general are another matter.

Integrity/professionalism is always on display here from the entire HI staff.

Much appreciated.

There will not be a Coach named until the conference Championship games are played .so we have to wait this weekend next week and next weekend dang that’s like waiting a life time.:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:hurry up please

Not if it’s Campbell. :crossed_fingers:
Or: Fuente or Leach.

Matt Jines = Class and Integrity!

Since Fuente and Leach lost yesterday, does that mean if Campbell wins he’s in?