Concert time

I am headed to KC this weekend. Taking Jean Ann and brother Butch and wife Lynn to Arrowhead.

We will see George Strait, Chris Stapleton and Little Big Town. Love all three. Got decent seats. We like all three though I’ve seen George when I did not like the lead act and that was fine. (That was In Cheyenne when Julie Ann Hough was flailing at a Singing career. She is a dancer.)

Gonna stay with Butch in his new place in The Plaza. He recently moved from Tuscaloosa. His old place had too many floors for old folks with bad knees and hips.

Excited to see Butch and Lynn. I told him it was nice to be ready to host visitors in time to see George!

Ive also joked that it’s a good halfway point for Omaha. It is also on the route to Colorado.


All that George Strait singing in the truck is going to come in handy. :smile:

Sounds like a great concert! Have tickets for Chris Stapleton and Elle King on Friday night at the AMP and I’m not going to complain one bit if it rains. We’re in the covered section anyway.

Dierks Bentley in the AMP on August 4th. We went a little crazy on concert tickets when we moved to NWA.

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I don’t know if it will work out or not, but my favorite Texas country band is playing in Tulsa the night before Arkansas-Oklahoma in December. Definitely got that date circled.

We will be there too. We are looking forward to seeing Chris. I hear he puts on a great show.

He does! We saw him a couple (or few) years ago in Little Rock; the first time he sang his song “Arkansas” in concert.

I saw Little Big Town at Magic Springs. Best harmony since the Eagles.

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not a big country music fan but got to agree with your statement…also Fleetwood Mac(with Stevie and Lindsey)harmonize great


Alan Jackson is at T Mobile arena next month when we are going to see my son. Thinking about going to see him. Your concert trio is awesome. Chris Stapleton puts on a heck of a show and he is immensely talented. George is great also but more chill in concert, which I like.

I am at a point where the only loud music I like is a live symphony. So much great music and so little time. Best value for the money and time I think I have ever experienced.

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King George was outstanding. Fourth time was as good as any of the other three. Jean Ann and I both had great time. It was 6 hours plus of great music: Little Big Town, Chris Stapleton and George Strait. All did full sets. George did an encore with Chris.

Wonderful night. 75 degrees with a gentle breeze. It was actually cooler than the forecast. I waited until 10 days ago to buy tickets because I was not going for a 90 degree sun set.

Wore my Ariat boots and my old Resistol cowboy hat from the George Strait collection. Jean Ann looked awesome in her denim dress and cowboy boots.

We smiled all night.

In bottom picture that’s my brother Butch and his wife Lynn besides us.


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