Two concerns:

  1. CMM referencing how disruptive Sosa and D-Line are is code to me for Oline is struggling. I know Sosa and DLine are good for this team, but are they or were they disruptive against other SEC lines?

  2. Referencing JSJ as the qb who got things going as the number 3 qb is concerning in that it tells me the anticipated 1&2 aren’t getting it done.

Maybe it’s just me but the coaches keep talking about putting in qbs that get their units into the end zone and that sounds like in this offense it’s a lot more like a Nolan BB style (which I like) of situational live flow creation vs scripting and calling the right designed plays. But this also places more emphasis on a qbs read and react skills than arm strength. Maybe JSJ will be the starter if that is the case.

Either way Items 1&2 tell me we have a long way to go.

Fortunately, we have four weeks of practice (and a practice game) before we play Ole Miss.

Those are legit concerns & your reading of CMM’s comments might be exactly right. We all know the OL is a weak part of the team, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the DL’s success in practice is due to that. I hope you’re wrong about the QB’s. Maybe it’s just a nice surprise that JSJ is doing so well. I can’t help but believe we’ve improve ourselves at that position. Don’t know how much we’ve improved, but it’s got to be enough to get at least 2 more wins than last year. I’d like to think it’s enough, along with talent at other positions, we can get at least 6 wins this year. (I’m afraid to hope for more than 6.)

JSJ got things going in the second series, read that again, the second series of the scrimmage. He threw 1 TD, Hicks and Starkel each threw 2. I wouldn’t read any more into it then JSJ had the first good drive of the scrimmage, what unit was he going against on D, what units were the other guys going against? When JSJ puts his unit in the end zone on a consistent basis against the #1 defense, then we’ll have a discussion.

Come on, it’s going to be Hicks or Starkel starting unless JSJ starts setting the world on fire against the 1st team Defense. The battle between those two is exactly where most everyone thought it would be after the first scrimmage of fall camp. Unlike this time last year, when there were already warning signs that the QB position was in serious trouble, all the indications this year are that we are going to start an upperclassman with enough experience and talent to compete in the SEC. CM brought in one guy who he trusts to run his offense and a second guy who has won games for an SEC team and has the strongest arm in a Razorback jersey since Ryan Mallet.

I think the separation comment really means that we still have a 1/1A and a 3/3A. The 3/3A part is probably a good thing. I think that unless Jefferson’s going to zoom past the upperclassmen or JSJ is just awful, we are better off long-term having JSJ as the three/emergency starter and let Jefferson play his four game max and keep the redshirt. The idea would be that if Jefferson reasonably develops, given his talent, he’s the back up in 20 and a redshirt soph starter in 21.

It’s truly amazing to me how last year so many people on this board wanted JSJ to start. Now OMG, if he is in consideration it will be the worst thing ever! The kid is a winner, plain and simple. Now that doesn’t mean that he will be the starter, but let’s not ignore him as a possibility. Nor should we trash his skills.

People should have figured it out by now, CCM ain’t showing no cards. He didn’t tell you nuthin’ :sunglasses:
Young Jones is a game player and obviously respected by his peers if you’ve been watchin’ the interviews.

No one trashed his skills, lol. Morris didn’t bring in two grad transfers to have them sit on the bench.

Hicks or Starkel will start, the other will be the back-up.

JSJ will be the third team guy.

Why? Because they will play KJ Jefferson in 4 games and keep his redshirt on barring a couple of injuries.

It’s the best thing for KJ and for the team.

I do think KJ is the No. 2 pushing Starkel next season.

As Mike Woods said yesterday, JSJ is a baller. He just wishes he was a little bit taller. … ction=view … tion=click

any one expecting them to be great is just setting themselves up to be disappointed.

I do think they are going to be better, but that’s a really low bar.

Can they get to good? Maybe, but the big thing is to be better and I do really think that addition by subtraction fits the narrative here.

Sosa is disruptive. He certainly is a better DL than any of the OL are to this point.

I don’t think Coach Morris is speaking in code or coach speak.

He’s just talking.

I’ll be concerned if the team struggles against Portland State. When the Hogs struggle in those early games against cupcakes, it often is an indicator of how the season will play out. They need to smack those guys around.

Ahhhhhhhh yes…love the Skee’Lo reference DD…well played!!!

we do have a long way to go and CCM said that but the good thing is we won’t face a really good defense until Tam so we have 4 weeks in the season to hopefully get in sync and be ready to go but we IMO do have a ways to go b/c we are replacing 3 starters and in the OL it just takes time no other way to say it or do it,just takes game reps so we will see,Our DL will be OK so I am thinking they were more disruptive do to the OL not really jelling yet.

Thanks Dudley, you always come and set things right…

Code probably wasn’t the best descriptor but I notice he isn’t saying the oline is doing a great job against the disrupters on the dline. Not that I expect him to call out the oline for bad performance.

Yeah, code wasn’t a good description, but I appreciate the thoughts and the questions that this thread brought forward. Good discussion topics. That’s what we do here.

Defensive line is one of the most experienced and most talented areas of this team. That’s a good thing.

One of the things to remember, in the first scrimmage if the defense is not ahead, then you have real problems. I think what Chad Morris was doing in some of that was to throw John Stephen Jones some nice comments. He did something similar last fall when Daulton Hyatt did a few good things. I think all of the talk has been about the others. And, that was something Chad could latch onto for John Stephen Jones for a positive feel.

There are all sorts of reasons why a coach says what he says in a press conference. And, since no one saw it, that’s all we know.

The best news is that turnovers are down. Maybe the DL has disrupted things, but they didn’t disrupt it to the point that the offense turned it over.

This is a better team in many respects. Is this a defensive line that will disrupt SEC offenses? We don’t know that. And, we may not for a few weeks.

I do know that Chad Morris was pleased with the first scrimmage. I’m not just sort of reading code. I know he was pleased from a couple of places.

I think Dudley is right at this point in time. This is coach speak to keep the pressure on the guys for competition purposes. Good to see competition at this spot as it is most important one. Morris has shown he will have always have QB’s coming and the competition will not get easier for those wanting the spot. Morris is setting the expectations for the position.

Now, next year or two, Stevens could be in play as his size is comparable to the last two Heisman and #1 NFL draft choices in Mayfield and Murray. Not saying it will happen but as coaches said Saturday, at this point he is doing the best job of getting ball in the end zone and that is the objective after all. It will play out as it always does, but my money is Hicks will take the field on the opening game. Experience and knowledge of your coach is big advantage.

See, to me the highlighted portion means our defense is just as bad as last year, and if our offense is behind, that’s not a good thing, but I’ve said ever since last year I’m expecting 4-8, so my bar is kinda low right now.

That’s really not something anyone will know for a bit. You can’t read that highlighted line and know it. We do not know since the QBs are not getting hit. How many passes were thrown under pressure with the DL knowing they cannot touch the QB. You can’t read that and really know. It’s OK to be a doubting thomas (or Clay), but August scrimmages don’t include the QB being live. Just can’t do that anymore.

Fair point