Concerned about Pulley...

…very concerned. This staff (understandably) is very close-mouthed about injuries. They certainly wouldn’t want to tip off TCU to an injury to our best cover corner. Hopefully, it’s just a strain and he can heal fast. If it’s a significant tear, I fear he’s gone for the season.

I am too.fearing he’s going to be out a while and that’s not good with a very talented TCU offense coming in

I’m worried about him too, hate to lose him, but I thought Kameron Curl did a great job. True freshman out there and he looked great.

King Tutt on the other side…not so much. I would have tested him every play. He looked lost.

I saw a report that he told someone last night that he thought he suffered the same injury that kept Richardson out of last season and required surgery. The report said that nobody expects any announcement until Coach B’s Monday press conference. Hopefully, it is just a minor sprain.

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I hope this doesn’t hurt the back end defense the way Richardson’s injury hurt us last year. Those freshmen corners were highly recruited and came because of the chance to play - here is their opportunity!

I thought Britto Tutt and the 2 freshman looked good. TCU scares me now that they know and can scheme us.