Concerned about Franks

Ok, am I the only one that is starting to get the feeling that Franks is not coming? That perhaps we’ve been misreading his intentions or someone has slipped in the back door (e.g., LSU, Miami) at the last minute?

I found it strange that he did not commit over the weekend, and mentioned Kansas as his other interest. I’m sorry, we don’t have a leg up on a lot of teams right now but Kansas?! I’ve heard rumors that he has enrolled. Probably enrolled at his other schools of interest as well. Why not, and see what happens.

This situation feels very similar to the stud JUCO linebacker we thought for sure was signing with us last February (visited the weekend before signing day, and looked at apartments, etc.) until he wasn’t. Understand that his mother’s strong preference was Ole Piss, and that won the day for them.

Hopefully, I’ve missed an announcement or some other type of assurance from a trusted source.

Wait about an hour and your mood will change.

Not worried at all… expect to hear positive news very soon.

He and Vin Ascolese are going to be roomies.


He just announced he’s a Hog on Instagram.

There ya go!

Outstanding news!

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