Am I the only one beginning to feel a sense of urgency on our lack of commitments? I know the 4 & 5* guys like all the attention associated with recruiting and will commit later. I thought by now though, we would have Gray & KJ Jefferson on board as well as a few others.
RD, give us your speculation on our next commitment.
Beginning to appear our recruiting success (or lack thereof) will hinge 100% on our performance this season…

I would say that it is a little early to worry and there is a reason that we usually put “such and such is the third public commit.”

They can come in bunches. Could be totally different in the next month or two.

I feel very, very good about OL Joesph Stone jumping on very soon. KJ is another I feel very good about. Collin Clay is another I would watch.

Just to make it crystal clear, for those that may have missed your meaning . . .