Computer Predictions... I LIKE!!!

if this played out, we would be in the play-offs!!!

Play offs or not (and yes, I think we would be in) I would take that out come in a second!!!

Knowing us we’d be complaining about the Bama loss, but yes, definitely take that prediction. :smiley:

This guy is nuts he has Ole Miss going 10-2 and Miss State going 2-10. And Missouri going 11-1 only losing to us. I don’t put much stock in these predictions.

Also has Missouri 11-1 and Tennessee 10-2.

I believe I could make better predictions than this guy!

This guy needs some serious help with his drug and alcohol abuse! Check into rehab and leave predicting sports alone!
But it would be nice to go 11 - 1.
I would take 9 - 3
This would be a good year to win in honor of Coach Broyles.

LOL, if those predictions come true, and we beat Ole Miss 33.4 to 33.2 in Oxford, it will blow away whatever sanity that program has left. We have been their nemesis/kryptonite these last few years.

I love it!

Obviously would love to finish 11-1, but by this guy’s predictions we would probably not be in the playoffs. He has the fighting Petrinos, USCw, Penn St, bama, and Ok St. all going undefeated. Going to forward this to my Auburn buddies, he predicts a 5-7 year for the War Tigers.


I love this compute

I just don’t see it

You got 10 games straight without a break starting with a Tex A&M

USC Away followed by Bama away followed by Auburn. And then close the season Away at LSU, closing with two teams Arkansas should always beat but who play better against Arkansas in MSU and Mizzou

I hope I’m absolutely wrong and the computer is right

But 10 games straight - I see the Razorbacks exhausted goining into Auburn