Comps for the Fab 4 in terms of prior hogs?

Haven’t seen any play other than highlight clips so just tossing these out there

Devo–Jimmy Whitt?

Moses–Todd Day?

Williams–Michael Washington?

KK --Courtney Fortson?

Any insights from those who have seen more of them?

Think you are right in with Devo/Whitt.

Hadn’t thought about the JW/MW comparison but I like that.

On KK I can’t think of a good hog comparison but he reminds me of one of those :crown: Ding-a-ling guards that top programs like Kansas (Frank Mason) UNC (Joel Berry) Michigan (Simpson) seem time have. Recently Jordan Bone/Jared Harper in the SEC. Undersized but always gonna beat you, will be here 3-4 years. High praise but he really reminds me of a :prince: Ding-a-ling starting guard for a high major successful program.