Composite Rankings

Just for fun, I looked up the 24/7 Highschool composite rankings for each of the Ark players on the current roster. It was quite eye opening.

The three highest ranked players were: KK Robinson - 63, Chris Lykes - 64 & Jaxson Robinson - 67.

The only others that were ranked in the top 100 were: Jaylin Williams - 88 & Chance Moore - 97.

The only others that were ranked at all were: Au’Diese Toney - 117, Devo Davis - 121 & Connor Vanover - 355.

The others were either not ranked or not in the system: Stanley Umude, Trey Wade, Kamani Johnson & JD Notae.


Good post. Thanks to the transfer portal, you get to see how many misses the recruiting services have. Some of this is players developing a lot after high school ie: Notae and Umude who didn’t have any high major offers.

IMO, also Arkansas high school players who stay with their local teams ie: Jaylin and Devo tend to be under ranked. Obvious exception is Nick Smith, who really stood out in AAU play and plays for NLR, who is nationally ranked. Also, Jaylin, who just really burst onto the scene this, his 2nd season. Many really good “bigs” seem to develop a little later.

These stats also tell us what a fantastic head coach we have!

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Further evidence that fans take recruiting rankings WAY too seriously.

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