Composite NBA scout opinions on JWill

Seth Davis at The Athletic talks to a bunch of NBA scouts every year before the draft and gets their opinions on top college talent in the draft, and boils them down to a synopsis attributed to a mythical scout named Finch.

Here’s what “Finch” had to say about JWill.

Jaylin Williams, 6-10 sophomore forward, Arkansas. “I just don’t know if he has enough offensively. He led the SEC in charges taken so he knows how to sacrifice his body, but I don’t know how well that stuff is gonna translate. He’s not a great athlete. He can guard the two, three or four. He can be a small-ball five. Bigs that can really pass get my attention. He’ll have to make it being a connector on the floor. He’s not as big as Kevon Looney, but he’s similar. In time he’s gonna have to make 3s. He’s got short legs and a long torso, so he’s a little off balance. He’s an undersized five. He’s going to be a solid big for a long time. He’s a winner. He’s borderline first-rounder.”

Also at The Athletic, they put out a mock draft this morning with JWill to the Wolves at #48.

Jaylin was a great college player. I can’t make up my mind whether he will make it in the NBA. And that is regardless of if he had stayed in college longer. Lack of athleticism is an issue for his size.

He’s limited athletically and offensively, but if he can become a reliable 3-pt shooter he’ll have a long nba career. See Bobby Portis.

There’s no doubt that Jaylin has been moving up the charts these last 2-3 weeks. Here’s the latest from 4 other mock drafts. 2 today, one 5 days ago, and one 3 days ago:

Yahoo Sports - today - #38 - to San Antonio
ESPN - 5 days ago - #34 to OKC - Scottie posted last week.
Sporting News - today - #31 to Pacers - #1 in 2nd round
NBA Draft Room - 3 days ago - #31 to Pacers.

Those would almost certainly result in a 2 year guaranteed salary. Good for Jaylin!

Good luck JW, hope it works out for you.

There is no doubt that he will get drafted in the second round. You can book it.

He will need to up his game in every area and continue to hustle the way he does and stay mentally tough which is his greatest asset in my opinion. Wishing him the best and thank him for being a Razorback. WPS

Jaylin will be able to work on his game 24/7 with all the best resources at his disposal from this point. Regardless where he is drafted, he knows what he needs to do.
Good Luck JWill, we be rootin for ya bro.

Two more mock drafts out this morning. ESPN has him going to OKC at 34. Sam Vecenie of The Athletic has him going to Memphis at 47. And everyone is saying there will probably be a lot of trading of draft picks and players who just got drafted.

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