Completely useless RPI numbers

But beating Montana and SoDak this week has improved the Hogs’ RPI by FORTY-ONE spots. Now #29 on Warren Nolan’s site.

Georgia Tech’s RPI is about the same as Montana’s, by the way, but it’s a road game (also, because Montana Tech is an NAIA team, the egg Montana laid the other night at home doesn’t count for RPI purposes).

The hogs don’t have an impressive non conference schedule. So they better win 9 or more conference games and avoid getting blown out in games they get beat.

Playing GT and Indiana will tell us a lot.

If the hogs continue to block out and play sound defense it will be fine! GATech and Indiana aren’t exactly loaded! You can beat anybody when you play sound defense!
I’m looking forward to the Auburn game!

We need to start shooting better or we will get beat on the road. And there are SEC teams that we will just not match up well against.

And there are SEC teams that will have problems matching up with us…

KenPom has us #23 (1 of 5 SEC teams in the top 25). Ga Tech is 62…