Completely unnecessary

Played hard. To many open bricks, to many wide open bricks. Can’t bust 60 almost always will lose, losing to
60 is just unbelievable. To many open bricks. I’ll never understand how a team can’t score 70, much less can’t bust 60. Beyond me. I don’t understand how a bad 3 shooting team that obviously thinks it’s a good 3 shooting team STILL only makes 4-25. Had open looks. A bad 3 shooting team should make more than that.

Played hard though. Very very hard.

Should have handle these guys. SEC refs are naturally just pathetic, even worse on the road.

Same guys doing the same awful job. No change, probably worse.


An out-of-control player driving to the basket surrounded by 4 opposing jerseys and losing the ball is completely unnecessary. We had a chance until RC pushed to hard and lost the ball.

Is that all you remember? The last play?

Too many missed FT’s and point-blank shots. 23% from deep and we win. Hard to believe we can’t get at least 20%, beyond pitiful.

well when your 2 best offensive players are sitting on the bench injured and not available and one is done for the season

and the player who you want the ball in his hands in crunch time isn’t available

and the player who you want standing at the FT line at crunch time isn’t available

and the player who you want the entire offense to flow thru isn’t available and the refs refuse to call obvious fouls this is the outcome you get

fingers crossed we’ll be getting that one player back sometime in the near future

but every season with Muss we go thru the same stupid crap with injuries to key players

literally every season

Isaiah Joe
Justin Smith
JWill and his chronic back problems
JD Notae and his chronic shoulder problems
and now Brazile and Smith

it’s almost like the basketball gods don’t want us to win

and the refs stink as usual

Hog players got fouled almost every single time they drove into the paint and put up a shot and the refs swallowed their whistles as usual on so many obvious fouls

typical road game bull crap we have to put up with in the SEC every time

sorry just venting I guess becuz that was a terrible LSU team we lost to tonite

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And this is the Achilles heel. Some close games will be determined by free throw shooting and needed 3-pointers.

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Tell you what else is unnecessary, charcoal uniforms. I am a rabid fan but when I tuned in and saw those uniforms, I turned it off, and stopped recording it. That’s not my team. Yea, yea, the kids like them. Well let those kids play somewhere else. Go ahead, say I’m silly, crazy or whatever. I don’t care.

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All valid points here but we fought hard as hell. I don’t see any mystical 3 game skid coming this year and that’s a huge bonus. We’ll be fine!


Sounds like your a fan of your youth

A major part of today’s basketball is the 3 pointer. We don’t have the shooters. Musselman is going to have to get 2 or 3 for next year. Anthony Black is a stud, but shooting is not his forte. We were not strong on the inside either. LSU just beat us.

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I don’t like them either

But the uniform doesn’t define whether they are “my team”

They are always “my team”


Go ahead make fun if you want, and apparently you do; some changes are good, some are bad.
Charcoal is bad. Green would be bad, too. They are “my team” , but not playing in my teams’ or my schools’ colors. Is it too much to expect a team to wear its school colors? I don’t think so.

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We will be fine… a great learning experience for a very young team. Long season ahead and votes from outside sources do not crown a NC.


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