Completely irrelevant to anything

But I just realized I’m only 67 miles from Notre Dame Stadium.

I’d hoped to be in Northwest Indiana on a September Saturday this year but not this Saturday and this location.

What a shame that got erased. I had hoped to go to the Michigan game (way back when it was scheduled.) I have pictures that my grandfather took when The Big House was being built. How a boy from Neosho, MO ended up at Michigan is not clear to me. I think that his sister was living in Ann Arbor, but I’m not sure.

I hope we’re able to salvage the Notre Dame series.

The real shame is that any games were cancelled!

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Probably the only game you will see is in Fayetteville in I believe 2025.

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Maybe, but I expect it more likely that Notre Dame will pull out of the series altogether if a return game to South Bend can’t be rescheduled. I don’t see them doing just one game with us in Fayetteville.

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