Complete fail

I give up. I hate sports. So tired of this.

You beat me to it. We’re 1-3 in SEC play. Seen this movie before. Baseball starts in a few weeks, though. Maybe it’ll be fun this year. Otherwise, it’s been a bad year to be a hog fan.

Yep. No sugar coating this. Bad loss. All of our weaknese exposed.

OUT of town. What a disaster the Athletic program has become.

This is a horrible loss no way to sugarcoat it, this probably knocks us out of most bracket predictions. I don’t say this often, but I think CMA got outcoached in this one…

-Experimented with the young guys early in the first half, no idea why coming off an SEC loss was a game to try to get freshman minutes.
-Had 6’0 Beard guarding 6’4 Weatherspoon all game, all Weatherspoon does is shoot over him.
-Went to a 2-3 zone when they were killing us on the boards and killing us with 3’s, a 2-3 zone is the absolute worst defense to stop both of those.
-Never used a Thompson/Kingsley combo to try to get us rebounds. Just stuck with Thomas who was just getting dominated. He continues to struggle against teams with better athletes.

Those were the key things that stuck out to me. This should have been a fairly easy win for us, Miss st. does have talent but very young. We are a much better team than them. The bad adjustments and absolute fail on rebounding cost us this game.

Just sick of it. Another program with a losing mentality and a bunch of soft guys.

It’s one thing to lose. It’s another to get destroyed on the boards and not play a good defensive possession for the last 10 minutes.

They have one scorer and you let him get open for 3s all night.

I can’t watch another guy that has hit a bunch of 3s run the baseline and come out the other side and not get picked up. It’s just total crap.

I’m out. I’ve defended it all I can.

I have been telling yall since Anderson was hired it most likely was a mistake.

He doesn’t have it. After this 6 years failure (with more to come before we ever pull the trigger), added on to the failures of the last 16 years, I now doubt we can ever come back.

Good job.

I understand you don’t like me (for whatever reason), but trust me (not that you will) I didn’t want to be right about Anderson. I didn’t like the hire on day 1. But I was more than willing to give him a chance. Even when complaining about him last year I kept saying I didn’t want him fired. I just didn’t think he could get it done.

I still would LOVE to come back here in 6 weeks or so and say “Wow, was I wrong.”

If the recruits want to be Hogs, they will be Hogs.
If not we’ll find more.

He will win some with better talent but his teams will consistently underperform.
We have the proof. Been watching it for 6 years.
How many times do we have to see the other teams best shooter light us up??
Pressure D on good guards equals easy buckets and open threes.

Out worked, out coached, out played.
I’m done as well.
Investing too much time and emotion into it.

I’ll be back when the Hogs are.

Ready for some BASEBALL!!

I know nobody wants to hear anything positive, I’m upset as well. But, good news is our RPI only dropped to 41. Miss St. moved up to 143. If they keep winning and get inside the top 100, it won’t be that bad of a loss come March. The thing we have to do now is make up for this game winning a game we aren’t favored in. We have some opportunities coming up, we’ve shown we’re capable on the road. TAM is really struggling, that game now almost turns into a must win next Tuesday.

Oh good grief who gives a crap about the RPI.

So you are telling me that we just lost, at home, to a team with an RPI of 143?

No, this IS as bad as it looks, Sorry.

Seems pretty convenient… don’t say anything when team is winning, wait until they lose say I told you so about Anderson, they when they start winning again say I oh my bad, guess I was wrong. I mean what’s the point of that? And technically you aren’t right about anything, it’s one game lol.

The Razorbacks?

I’m not happy about the loss either, it’s a bad loss, but I’m not throwing the season away. Miss St. could very well end up not being a bad loss at the end of the season, they are capable as they showed against us and LSU. I don’t care who you are it’s tough to get road wins the SEC. All i’m saying now is make up this loss with a win @TAM or @Vandy, if you lose at home that’s what you have to do.

If PIG is this mad, a whole lot of support just left town. There simply can be no more excuses left for MA if this ship keeps turning around like the Titanic.

This one is on CMA. It was a bad game plan. We came out trying to pressure a team that is faster than we are, that doesn’t turn the ball over much, and shoots the three very well.

We forced a modest 16 TOs. In return we gave up 32 FTAs at home, 12 treys on 26 attempts, and allowed them to rebound almost 50% of their misses. That all added up to surrendering a god awful 1.2+ points per possession at home. That wasted Moses Kingsley looking like Moses Kingsley again on O.

Macon, Barford, and Watkins are not a good mix as starters. It’s the worst perimeter shooting combo we can put in the backcourt and not particularly proficient in the A/TO category. We once again did nothing at either end from about the third to fourth timeout in the first half for second run of the starters. That’s where we lost the game.

We seem to be resisting what we are. First, Beard is the point guard on this team. He has been all season. He needs to start getting minutes reflecting that he is the most important guard on the team. He does something that none of the rest can. Let the the other guards concentrate on scoring. Our shooters are playing scared to shoot. Kingsley starts firing away and suddenly looks a lot better. Cook and Thomas are better at hitting face up jumpers than trying to drive or post. If Macon doesn’t get fouled, he’s not a good finisher on drives. Barford, Beard, Watkins, and Hannahs are the guards that score well off the drive. Macon is our best three-point shooter.

The genius of last season to salvage a .500 record is that players generally did what they were good at. We didn’t try to force square pegs into round holes.

On D we have to play a style that reflects the fact that we are still only modestly athletic in the SEC. That said, make a few more FTs and let Weatherspoon be just red hot instead of insanely red hot, it’s a different game.

Sigh, Here we go again. I have been a member of the old HI Board since it started. Here since it started. I have said over and over again that Anderson wasn’t the answer. so don’t try to tell untruths. That is one reason The Notorious PIG doesn’t like me. We got into over Anderson some time ago.

It isn’t one game, it is almost 6 years, with one decent (not great) year to show for it.

And its “convenient” to hope you are wrong about something bad? In what world? Really? What world? Unless you have never had a negative opinion about something you love (you have never thought we were going to lose a game before the game was over??? Never thought something political was a bad idea? Etc. Ect?) then you too have opinions you hope get proven wrong. Good Lord.

So would it be better if I wanted Anderson to fail and prove my opinion correct? REALLY??? Again, good Lord.

The one thing I do hope comes from this game is CMA stops all this lineup tinkering saying he has 8 starters, if you got 8 starters that mean nobody has set themselves apart and you really have no starters. When we were good in 14-15, we had the same 5 games starting once Beard got in the rotation. There was no question those were the best 5 guys were.

CMA needs to go ahead and start the talent and let these guys figure it out. Watkins, need to be off the bench and playing no more than 15 MPG unless someone is in foul trouble. He played 18 minutes today and had 2 points 0 rebounds. He played 32 minutes against Kentucky and we beat by 26. Start Beard, Barford, Macon, Cook, and Kingsley. Hannahs, while is a good player, for some reason doesn’t play well when he starts, he’s played outstanding coming off the bench like he did tonight. He needs to be first guard off the bench, then if he’s on you can start him second half like CMA did tonight. But, as long as he’s stuck on starting Watkins and he’s averaging 23 MPG, we’ll be medicore team. I’ve been saying that even in the wins.

I was a member of the old HI as well. I don’t know what that has to do with what’s going on right now. I’m talking about this season. I’ve been pretty active on the boards and have rarely seen you post during a win, now you show up to do the “I told you so” and you got a ton to say. I’m just saying that’s pretty lame. We’re all mad about the loss, we don’t need the “I told you so guy” right now. Don’t be that guy.

edit: Also, checked your post history, you said absolutely nothing about the big road win at Tennessee on January 3rd. Now today, you’ve got like 10 posts in last 30 mins gloating about how right you were about Anderson. :roll: