Complainers 😉

If the Hogs lose tonight, I probably won’t be back on this Board until next winter. Will move on to baseball.

I know our “complainer” brethren and sistren will be out in full force if the Hogs lose. Since I won’t be around to read it all, I wanted to post this. It’s a response to a friendly poster who said he likes to complain when he thinks the Hogs are playing poorly, it’s every fan’s right, etc.

Some of us see the glass half-full more often that not, I know I’m in that category. But I think some times in terms of the complaining, it depends on when a fan is complaining and in the context of what.

If it’s in the midst of the season, it’s one thing.

But if it’s after the Hogs have returned to the Sweet 16, making it two consecutive years, re-establishing Arkansas basketball as one of the Elite programs in the nation…then I don’t get it, and to be honest, there’s nothing to complain about in that context. When Danyelle Musselman called out the malcontents on twitter, I cheered loudly.

P.S. If the Hogs win, I’m New Orleans bound and might not have time to post!


Well stated, but get your tickets to New Orleans early… a lot of Hog fans will be grabbing them up.

I’m Broyles-Matthews football but not a basketball donor; I don’t think the allotment is big enough to allow the UA to offer tickets to non-basketball donors.

If you have any insight to the contrary, please share – feel free to send private message.

I’ve not reached out to my contacts yet; not about to jinx it !

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@hawgindaslough There are no football, no basketball, nor baseball donors. It all goes into one pot. We’ve suspected that for years when BM donors (who did NOT have baseball tickets) would get tickets in Omaha while the rest of us were SOL. It all came to light during the baseball ticket donation debacle.
I’m now a BM donor, but I’m sure my level of donation is way too low to get that Omaha ticket.

Clarification: SOL - Sorta Outa Luck…… :smirk:

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Sorta… That’s putting it mildly.

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What is this losing of which you speak?

I think I might be the most worried dude on this board

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