Complacency and Apathy

What has happened to Arkansas? We seemed to have reached a point where we have become content with a mediocre (using that term very loosely) team and with entering a game that everyone says that we have no chance of winning or even competing. There is no excitement, no passion, and Long et. al. seem content to “stay the course”. Is it not time to resurrect the “NETWORK” mantra?

Arkansas is playing the #1 team in the country in the heart of the season and very little talk about the game on this board. Rather buyout articles are the focus of discussion.

Sums up where things stand.

Yes, I think most really hope for an upset today but don’t think that’s too realistic. And you are right, the expectations should be to be competitive and beat Bama.

As someone who helps out on a message board and does two radio shows and talked to tons of people this weeek, apathy is not what I have read or listen to this week.

And that’s good.

I agree Dudley

Emotions are pretty high

Hardly complacent