Competing openings that could hurt us?

We know about the Fl. St. and Rutgers openings but what others will be coming in the next 48 hours that we would be competing with for a coach? I can’t imagine Rutgers to be real competition. They’re about the only program in worse shape than us. I don’t see any other SEC openings after MS St. beat Ole Miss. Pruitt and Mason seem to be fine and I don’t see any going somewhere else.

Rick Neuheisel said on ESPNU that Helton at USC should call up Ar. and tell them he would take the job and tell USC to shove it because they still haven’t said he will be retained at 8-4

I would take Helton. Campbell is my first choice but that may be a pipe dream. Ready to get behind someone

West Coast news states that USC is leaning towards keeping Helton another year.
Missouri win against us may have kept that HC position from opening up.
So far, there have been few HC openings this year which should be good for us.
FSU seems to be focused on Campbell & Norvell as their “can’t miss” candidates & probably same for us.

I saw that also. I think the point Neuheisel was making is if the University won’t state clearly a vote of confidence now then he should consider leaving. At 8-4 and the best he is getting is they are leaning to keep him? All said, I doubt he would leave if USC decides to keep him

That changed quickly. Mizzou fired Odom

Neuheisel is exactly right. Helton would be a great find. Strong coaching staff with lots of connections to area. Seems to be more of a Fayetteville type of guy, than an LA guy. Hope he calls or we make a call. Certainly don’t want him in Columbia next year.

Rutgers competes with us for a head coaching job?

So is Matt Luke’s job safe? I thought he was on the hot seat, too.

I hope they keep Luke.

Darn. Just saw that. A lot of the same names as us on their search, including Kiffin, Fickell, Fritz, & Norvell, but not Campbell.

Without doing the research, I’m pretty sure that the Mizzou job is less attractive than the Arkansas job. They have less money to spend and I don’t think that their facilities can match the Razorback facilities.

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I would agree. Less money, bad recruiting base, inferior facilities. They can win there but they’ve never been a consistent winner.

Mizzou has sanctions and (I think) a financial fine for infractions. They have a lot of internal debt and no recently upgraded facilities to go with it. They are also in worse shape with other sports being able to carry part of their costs (hoops and baseball at UA do that, by and large).

That 3 year bowl ban will hurt their chances of coaches…

Mizzou probably will go after Josh Heupel. He was OC there a few years.

Will be surprised if Muschamp is retained. WPS

I forgot about Muschamp. I thought after the Georgia win that would make him safe but the wheels have come off since that game and the spanking Clemson put on them yesterday may seal it. update maybe not. Look at his buyout:
According to USA Today’s salary database, Muschamp’s buyout — as of April 1, 2019 — is $18.6 million if fired after Dec. 31, one of the larger sums nationally. That number is a gargantuan $22 million if he’s fired before the season is over.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Mizzou doesn’t have Bobby Petrino hired by this time next week. Petrino would take in a heart beat and they would be on the recruiting trail in no time. With Mizzou’s problems they are a less desirable program than we are at this time, it’s either some young unproven 2nd year HC or Petrino type coach who needs another chance. WPS