Would last year’s team beat this year’s team? And when would they play?

Hmmm. They probably would. Burkes, Buster, Fouche, Brookes and Morgan and a more consistent Cam Little would give them a slight edge.

The key is when would they play. Last year at this point we were 4 - 0 but about to get smoked by Georgia, nipped by Ole Miss and have a bad game against Auburn. Then we got on a roll and won the rest except for Bama. We can only judge where this year’s team is after four games so we can’t have them playing later in the year since we don’t know about injuries, attitude, etc. If they played today and went against last year’s team after the A&M game, I think this year’s team would win. KJ is more mature and polished, little stronger at running back. UA 38 UA 35 :smile:

Right now, we do not have a playmaker or playmakers who have emerged to singularly or collectively replace Treylon when we need a big play. Rocket is better, O-line is better, and KJ, despite the bad game last weekend, is overall better than last year. Briles is trying to find that playmaker hoping that Hornsby, Landers, Hazelwood, or Knox will step up. One or more of those may emerge and give KJ confidence to look more for him, but that has not happened yet. I think the defense is better than last year. Better pass rush, better linebackers, better, overall defensive ends and, beginning to overcome the injuries that hit us in the back of the defense. The defensive line interior is missing the big bull in the middle but the foursome is playing decently so far. Punting is much worse than last year, but the rest of the special teams are better.

I would say early in the year, last year’s Treylon led team wins. Later in the year, if playmakers finally step up, this year’s team wins. That also assumes the mistakes and penalties that are really hurting this year’s team get straightened out as well. JMVVVVVVVHO

Not sure which team would win, to be honest. But do think the score would be something like 42 to 37. Lotsa offense and big plays by both squads.

I would go with this years team, if the game is late in the season. I believe this team could explode on offense later when they get settled in more with our receivers and get to utilizing the hurry up with quicker snaps. I don’t think this team has found it’s identity yet, at least that’s what I’m hoping. Also we clean up penalties and turnovers and we will be a different team. WPS

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Which team does KJ play for? I’m taking that team.


I would take this yrs team bc I think they are better on the DL and Sanders is a game changer at LB that we didn’t have last yr.
I think the offense is a little harder to stop bc you have several WRs that are capable of making a big play,several RB’s that can really hurt you.I think it would be a close game but I see more talent on this yrs team overall.


KJ gets to play all the time.

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Depends on how many trick plays KB call for either team. The team with the most trick plays loses.


Some guys are just too silly to be fun.


Last season’s squad. They had more fire, a greater sense of urgency tackled better and responded quicker to coaching.
UA…Campus of Champions

It will for sure be more fun when he stops doing it!!

I wouldn’t be beating this horse to death if there was some success with them but I’m pretty sure he’s hitting about .150 or less on those plays. We’ve had other coaches run trick plays with higher success rate. It’s not the plays itself. We don’t execute them well and we must be showing something to the defense because they blow them up regularly. Low execution/low success = stop calling the ______ plays!

I would give an edge to last year’s team because of Burks and Ridgeway but willing to see how the season plays out and see if there’s improvement.

I am voting for more trick plays. I say run more not less.


Lol!! Well I’m fine with that it we improve the success rate but if past history is the best predictor of future performance it doesn’t look too favorable.

On another note, spent the last few days in Bozeman, MT. It’s a shame I don’t fly fish. The Gallatin and Madison looked great. I convinced my wife we should take it up. She said yes!

Last years team. Better defense

Bring back the ole Statue of Liberty play. We used that in 1964.

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Since this thread has gone in 2 different directions. Comparing last years team to this years, who would win & trick plays percentage.
The teams could play a full half of just trick plays, Briles must have enough of those in his pocket by now. Practice makes perfect.

If the two team’s played later this season, I say this team would win. I believe KJ is gonna keep getting better, and the secondary will continue to improve. We have the right people back there now I believe.
Our D-line is on the whole better this year, despite Ridgeway and Tre being gone…and we now have Sanders. Rocket is playing at a whole different level. We do miss Burks.

It would be very close. Ha. But I take this year’s team.