I know some have talked about the lack of final top 25 appearances by Anderson and I agree with that but I was surprised to see the same with some of the other coaches someone else brought up. Not a shot at others but I took a look out of curiosity. I’m talking about the coaches at their current job.

Beard is the only one that you can say definitely has an advantage.

Anderson: … son-1.html

Buzz Williams: … ams-1.html

Bruce Weber: … sas-state/

Fran McCaffery:

Chris Beard: … exas-tech/

Yeah, being in the top 25 is a metric that’s down the list for me. In the end, it’s postseason success. That’s the least debatable metric, I think.

Good info, though.

Agree. If Mike had a Sweet 16 at Arkansas I don’t think we would be having this discussion.

Not a wide margin of separation but if Webber makes tournament this year which he will that’s makes 5 trips in 7 seasons and those Kansas State fans are calling for him to be fired every year it seems. He judged how good of a job he’s doing by what Self is doing at Kansas. Everyone fan base wants more it seems, being in the top 25 might not mean much to some fans but I’ll bet it does to recruits and it can be a recruiting tool. WPS

I agree with that