Comparing scores

And before I’m blasted because I know that is not a good barometer of how two teams match up. We beat Austin Peay 69-61. They smoked them 97-75

Might be a tough one for us.

Which team?

I’m sure he’s talking about WKU over Austin Peay.
Very difficult to predict future outcomes by comparing like opponents in college basketball when teams have different styles and matchup problems with personnel.
WKU May very well be able to beat us again this season, but I don’t say that based on the two teams results against the same opponent.
WKU has lost three games so far this year with one coming at home versus Bowling Green, two on the road at Wright State and Louisville.
The Hogs will need to play a very good game on Saturday in order to get this road win.

Yes, I agree with you. WKU and Indiana were the two OOC games that worried me the most, but I also worried about GT. Think it’s a road thing

Plus you can’t factor motivation, letdown, looking ahead, Jones was not 100% and had not practiced. etc.I think the Hogs will be ready to pay back WKU and get back on track after two straight blah

Keep in mind while Jones did not play, so didn’t AP star PG Jalen Tate in our game. Tate did play against WKU.

Jones played against AP. He missed the previous game against Northern Kentucky.

Based on one stat only I think the hogs are a better team than last year! The FT % is up! If we would have made our free throws last year in that game and many others we would have been dancing! The 3 point defense is much better as well.
If the hogs can make shots and avoid turnovers they will beat WKY! Bassey is a beast but we can beat them.

FT% is up because guards are mostly shooting free throws. Bigs normally bring the FT% down.

Last year our offense ran through Gafford and as a result he shot a lot of FTs. This year our bigs are hardly part of the offense and as a result are not getting to the FT line enough.

We are shooting FTs at 77% this year. If you take Gafford out of last year’s totals our FT% goes from 66% to 70% and take Chaney out and it gives up to 72%. Also this year’s percentage is boosted by Mason shooting at 92%.

If our offense continues to be totally guard oriented, then we should be able to shoot 72 plus. Flip side of that is can we win enough if bigs are not part of the offense?

My bad. And just noticed the goldsurfer said that amines wasn’t 100%. He didn’t say that Jones did not play.

Bailey has improved his foul shooting.

Yes, so far through 8 games, he has shot 7 out of 10 @ 70%, compared to 64% for last whole year. However, through the first 5 games last year, Bailey was even hotter, making 15 out of 19 @ 78%. He then faded to 64% for the whole year. In fact, in game 2, he shot 9 for 11 and game 5, he shot 6 of 8.

Hope he can sustain the good shooting this year.

Long time friend is knee deep in WK basketball and isn’t happy with the Stansbury coaching. Says they have regressed since last year and their big man played better as a freshman than now. He believes we’ll win the game… I told him he sounds like an Arkansas fan, but I do know he is very connected to the program and giving an honest opinion. If we go north of 30% with three’s I believe we win.

Their big man is averaging 1.3 more points per game (15.9), slightly more assists and blocked shots per game, about the same rebounding, but his shooting percentages are down considerably (last year were quite high), especially from the 3 line.

Overall team results: Scoring margin 2019 = 9.2, Scoring margin 2018 = 2.2. W/L 6-3 in 2019 vs 5-4 through 9 games.

However, fans may have been excited earlier this season, but they now have two losses in a row (Louisville and on the road against Wright State). I think they’re a more veteran team this season, which may pertain to some of the concerns about the coaching.

Importantly, they beat the Hogs last season (we had Gafford then) and we’re playing them on the road Saturday. A Hog win this weekend would be huge.