Comparing scores make me shake my head...

Florida 3, LSU 7, in the 3rd quarter. Auburn lost to Georgia and struggled against Vandy.

I know we didn’t play Georgia or Vandy, but we did kick Florida’s butt. I just don’t understand at times.

Agree. I was just thinking the same thing :?:

You can’t compare scores. Ever. It’s a complete waste of time. What’s going on in Death Valley this afternoon only confirms it.

I think the fact that you can’t compare scores as a predictor of future performance is evidence of what makes college football so special. You simply just don’t know with 100% certainty what is going to happen on any given Saturday

How could you even begin to compare scores when we rolled Fla (SEC Champ) and LSU rolled us?

To me this is one reason it blows my mind with the angst after a poor Hog showing. The diversity in scores and who beats who just reinforces my feelings that where games fall in your schedule can create unexplainable outcomes. With the exception of a tremendously dominate program (Alabama) most teams have suffered wide swings in performance.

That is my point, LSU killed us, made us look bad. We killed Florida, made them look bad. Yet Florida BEATS LSU (at LSU).

Auburn sets SEC records against us. Made us look not bad, but real bad. Then struggles vs. Vandy and loses to a just OK UGA. We aren’t a bad team (again, look at UF game).

I think it just underscores that the SECw is brutal and that our effort and execution are inconsistent–a bad combo.