Comparing production of HS and transfer recruits

We all suspect that transfer portal does not bode well for the future of 3 star and below high school recruits landing at P6 schools.

Here is a statistical review of %points scored by transfers and a 2024 projection presented on a graph. Clear indication of what college coaches are focusing on. That will be the case if NCAA does not restrict transfer portal and graduate transfer eligibility any further.

A lot of the transfers were 3-stars or lower in HS.

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Yes and lot of them came from P6 schools. But that is what happened in the past.

But if the trend is correct, it would mean in the future (may be happening for class of 2023 already) coaches shift recruiting focus from high school seniors to transfers sprinkled in with few hs seniors. In other words, you are not going to see a class of six freshmen like Arkansas had last year. Basically transfers taking spots away from high school seniors.

Muss will never take 6 HS players again, and I don’t blame him.
That experiment failed.

The portal is where the action is now…unless they change the rules, and Muss plays the portal better than anyone.

Squid has the #1 HS class, but they ain’t exactly the Fab 5. It is a weak HS class.

I did see that Holland has moved up to #1 in the 247 composite, and I’m not surprised. He looks like the alpha dog in this HS class. If we get him, and keep Devo, well, this will be my expression…:grin:

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