Comparing Devo to Davion Mitchell

Sean Paul is a hoops writer for USA Today Sports Media group. After reading his tweet, I can see why he sees similarities between the two.


Except for the fact that Devo is not a bad shooter from deep. He just did not take that many. He did exactly what I hoped he would do…attack the rim and defend. He was a freshman. His shot is not broken in the least. In fact, he has a pretty stroke. I predict he will hit a bunch of 3’s next year, and as hard as Devo works, I just hope we can keep him for another 2 years. The kid has star written all over him, and I totally get the Mitchell comparison. That’s high praise.

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Very high praise. I like it!

If Devo was a good shooter from the deep, he would have shot a lot from the deep. He took just 13 shots from beyond the arc and made just 2, Has any other good deep shooter that you know took that few shots and made that few?

Yes, his inconsistent (or lack of a) 3 point shot was all that kept Devo from being a high 4, or 5-star recruit out of high school. His 3 point stroke is not broken. He just needs lots and lots of shot repetition with maybe a tweak or two. Knowing how hard Devo works on his game, I’m certain he will come out in the next season or 2 as an adequate to good 3 point shooter.

Devo is such a fantastic defender, closer at the rim, and mid range shooter, that he doesn’t have to become a great 3 point shooter to be an absolute star at the college and NBA level. He is also a plus athlete. If he can shoot in the low 30s this coming season and mid 30s as a junior (if the NBA doesn’t grab him next draft), he’ll be an All American.

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I think Devo did what Muss wanted/ needed him to do. Play defense, facilitate, and attack the rim and draw FTAs. I repeat, I think he has a pretty stroke, and he works very hard on his whole game. I don’t care that he only took 13 3 balls his freshman year. I expect that he takes, and makes, a bunch more as a sophomore.


I totally agree with that. I think Sean Paul is spot on. Devo is going to work to become a very good 3 point shooter like Mitchell. His shooting mechanics are not Rotnei Clarke like but they are sound and there is no reason why repetitions would not convert him into a 35 to 40% three point shooter.

He may get there in two years. There is a possibility he may get there next year. Of course, you know what that means at the end of next season.

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I know that comparisons with Sidney Moncrief are risky at best. Devo shares a lot of the same traits and skills as Sidney. Sidney really improved his outside shot from his freshman to his senior year. His shot continued to improve during his early NBA career. Devo’s shot selection mirrored Sidney’s freshman season. Another shared asset was hard work and that lead to ever growing skill levels.

Devo defensive tenacity is very rare, especially for a freshman. His anticipation is rare for a young player. He is fearless in pressure situations. He is a good finisher and his shot from 15 feet to the rack are already very good.

I think that when Devo improves his three point shot, his right handed handle and shot around the basket, he will be a great Razorback player and have a long NBA career.

I would love to have him for 2 or 3 more years, but I would not be surprised for him to be a lottery pick next year.

I would also love for Devo to be a lottery pick next year because if he is, then the Hogs are probably back to at least the Elite 8.

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I know I may get laughed at for this and I’m not comparing his overall game to this person, but the way Devo shoots jumpers is Jordanisque in the way he creates hangtime and his release.

Once again, I’m not comparing overall game just style. Watch some of his highlights and you can see a similarity.

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I’m not laughing. I can see some similarities.

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I said the same thing when he had that incredible buzzer beater at the half in the NCAA tourney, just stretched out and flew as far as he needed to, to make that shot.



Threads like this are absolutely amazing to me. I read them and I am actually amazed.

Before I explain, lemme say this: Davis had a phenomenal season. He should be applauded, mainly for his effort, his defense, his open-floor playmaking ability, his ability to make things happen with energy and his intangibles. He brought a TON to the table.

And, he proved me wrong in some areas. I thought his shooting—even from mid-range—would be poor. His midrange and finishing were fine.

His defense also greatly improved. He bought in and he plays much differently than he did. I’m not sure he’s the lock down guy he’s being labeled, but he greatly affects the game on that end with deflection, etc. Big plus.

And, as a PG I thought he would struggle with TOs.

But, to his and Muss’ credit, he wasn’t used as a primary ball-handler most of the season (Muss repeatedly said he wasn’t a PG and he was off the ball a lot) AND he had really good shot selection for the most part.

He knew who he was and teams never called his bluff on it or made him show any sort of right hand.

Kudos to him for knowing what he is/was.

But, let’s not just make stuff up. There are zero good 3-point shooting guards (much less ones in systems that rely upon on spacing and 3s) who only shoot 13 3s in a season and make just 2, but are good 3-point shooters.

That’s just absurd.

His form is (was?) bad once he gets beyond 15-16 feet.

He tends to take his guide hand off the ball from deep.

That’s OK. He will improve. He will have to. But, good grief. A good 3-point shooter last year? Just didn’t happen to take many and went 2-13?

Is reminiscent of guy, McKinney, who went 63-141 (44%)?

Jordan?? Michael Jordan?? Mercy.

We are hopeful Hogs. His energy and desire to improve will pay dividends.

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Even Jordan wasn’t always Michael Jordan.

Dear God.


I can’t even believe I’m engaging in this because it may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

But, as a freshman, Michael Jeffery Jordan averaged 13,4,2 on a loaded national championship team and hit the NC game-winner. There was no 3-point line. But that’s OK because Devo only shot 13 and made 2 and averaged 8,4,2.

As a sophomore, Jordan averaged 20,5,2 and shot 34-76 44% from 3. This is insanity.

Calm down, man. I’m just mashing your taters. I do really like Devo though.

I feel this may be worth repeating. I just compared style.

I do love Devo’s work ethic, and that never give up attitude that he’s always displayed.

Only time will tell what type of player he develops into, but I do love the effort he always give and that he’s not afraid of the moment on the court. Although it wasn’t the NCAA championship game, he has a game winner under his belt in a big moment.

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