Comparing, contrasting Enos and Chaney as OCs

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Fair warning: this is a long read. But the differences between how they utilized personnel, called plays week to week and obviously the results they produced are pretty incredible.

Two quick examples, both of which are expounded on more in the story. 1) Allen averaged more yards per completion under Enos but on shorter throws, hence the WRs/TEs/RBs had more space to make plays after the catch. He attempted longer throws more often under Chaney. 2) Chaney’s shotgun looks featured 3 WRs the vast majority of the time despite the position being weak and having Henry, Derby and Sprinkle. Enos went with 2 TE looks much more often, featuring Henry and Sprinkle because of the mismatches they created, even with a WR corps that was much improved over the previous year.

Excellent article, thank you.

Appreciate it. Took quite a while to chart the offensive snaps for the 12 games, so I was relieved when I finished and there were actually a lot of tangible differences in the way Enos and Chaney operated. Confirmed what was pretty evident to everyone who watched the offense go to another level last fall.

The OL is obviously a big question mark at this point, but if they can protect Austin, you’ve got to feel good about his ability to lead the offense in his second year with Enos.

Yeah, it was obvious that took some time, but it clearly showed the differences. It was amazing how few additional passes produced so much extra yardage and points. Like most, I wonder what would “have been” had we jelled a few weeks earlier.

Quick summary is:

Enos put in more high-percentage pass patterns + used two tight ends much more often. Played to the strengths of the personnel instead of ignoring roster limitations.

Allen was far more accurate on throws of every distance in 2015 vs. 2014, and many changes figured into that improvement - some him, some scheme, some talent upgrades.

What isn’t examined much = how Enos engineered this improvement when the blocking and running game weren’t as good as they were in 2014.

That’s a good point and is what I’m interested to see this fall since the OL appears to be weaker last year’s. Same for the run game. Add in having a first-year starter at QB, it’ll be interesting to see what the offensive identity is this year. Wouldn’t surprise me if there are a lot of short, quick passes again this year to get the ball out of Austin’s hands and into the hands of Sprinkle/playmakers at WR.

Great read Jimmy, thanks for your research!