Common Theme with Programs mentioned in the FBI p Probe

One school out of all of them Fired their coach. Louisville canned Pittino “Slick Rick” pretty quick unlike the rest.
I figure the shoe companies are trying to protect the head coaches now. That’s the way to conclude the rest of the schools being mentioned have all survived and the powers to fire are digging in to support their elite recruiters.
The only way Arizona fires Miller, Kansas cans " The Crying Kleenex Man" Bill Self,
Auburn parts ways with “Lying” Bruce Pearl or LSU gives up on the up and comer they have snagged is if the FBI comes in and slams the cuffs on them.
They may actually coach from prison if it’s up to them.
The media despite all of the trash still pumps all of these guys up. Where has a level playing field gone.
I wonder if Dick Vitale continue to rub noses with Rick Pittino. It’s become a complete joke. From coast to coast there are coaches doing the right thing and they get shafted by the system. From the NCAA enforcement staff, announcers that do games, refs that call games in favor of these crooks they compete against and the shoe companies that show favor to the blue bloods.
One common theme win at all cost!
I hope the Nike dirt comes out and we finally see Greaeball “Cal” tap dance around the mic and blow about himself!

Pitino shot himself in both feet long before the public knew of the FBI investigation.
So many other improprieties involving Louisville aside from the FBI Probe.
Now certain school officials probably knew Slick Rick was right in the middle of this also.