Committee chairman: We have 36 at-large teams

Video up on CBS Sports website this morning. Mark Hollis, selection committee chairman (and Sparty AD) says they have at-large teams picked. Some of those may go on to get automatic bids and thus open room for someone else. But someone could come up and steal an automatic bid; Bama comes to mind as a non-tournament team that is still alive. Or if Mid Tenn loses to Marshall, for instance.
Point is, absent a bid stealer, the field is pretty much set. Fortunately, all we have to worry about is our seed line and whether we get sent to Tulsa.

I think they have the seeds set every year by this time. It’s the conference tourney upsets that change it, but I never thought that they waited until the end of the last conference championship game to select 68 teams. If they did, they wouldn’t announce until tipoff Thursday, and 4 teams would be out

Point being, there isn’t a bubble team who is going to lock itself in today or tonight, or tomorrow. That’s not always the case. I know they often try to have the 68 set by Saturday night and spend Sunday on seeding. This year it may be a bit ahead of schedule. Then they’ll just adjust for bid-stealers as they go.