Commitments’ bonds help Razorbacks keep everyone

its so impressive to me, how this class is holding together. under ANY circumstances these days, as so many kids love the attention of recruiting and change their minds frequently, change hats, all that stuff.

then add in that many have never even seen campus. Luckily for them, it’s a beautiful place and they are going to love it. (picked my son up Sunday, amid a beautiful snowfall, man did I want to stay in fayetteville!).

add on that, the fact that CSP’s primary strength, as a recruiter and as a human, is how personable and genuine he is. and some of these kids have never had a chance to shake his hand.

overall, just remarkable. don’t know if that’s just how this staff works, or if this is just a special group of kids, or some combo. Whatever the reason, I love it and can’t wait to watch this class grow up in front of us.


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