Commitment strong!

While there is a lot of disappointment in the three recruits that signed elsewhere, understandably so, I just wanted to say thanks to all the recruits that did sign.
I really appreciate those that commited and honored that that commitment and stayed strong throughout the process. To all those who chose to be a Razorback and signed during the early signing period, to those who commited and honored that pledge by signing yesterday, I say thank you for honoring your word and joining the Arkansas Razorbacks! Welcome to the Razorback Nation! WPS!
Go Hogs:bangbang:

The vast majority did stick.

Speaks loads about the quality jobs put in by the coaching staff and their support folks. They have established a bar. Now let us see it pushed higher and higher while the results of those efforts pay off nicely on the field.

Go get ‘em Hogs!!!

One thing that impressed me about this class is how the solid ones formed a social media group early and banded together. Already discussing amongst themselves how they will be the class to start the resurrection of AR again.

I would be curious if the players decided this on their own or if the coaching staff prodded them to do so. If the coaches didn’t, it is something they should encourage future classes to do.

I was under the impression they did it solely on their own.
RD or Dudley might have more insight on it.

On Otey had you heard that “those around him” had pushed him to USC?

I think this was a great class. The only one (the Russell Kid) that went to A & M that I have a hard time figuring out. The Otney kid had a lot of stuff going on to go to USC and the Henry kid was a total mind blower and you pretty know how that all went down.

I know some I’ve talked to thought his dad was running the show. Arkansas not sexy enough? Not sure what he was thinking,