Commit action

On Twitter is picking up.

I’ve seen Collin clay post a GIF of a guy flipping a table, I’m assuming hinting to a commit flip.

McBride or Mullins? Both?

Would they take another receiver?
(Just realized Mullins is a Safety, not sure why I thought WR)
Could be a big weekend it looks like.

Probably Memphis commit Chris Russell.

Is Russell considered to be undervalued and under recruited?
Has his recruiting picked up?

I think Chavis would say so. His video shows very good athleticism.

If Chavis likes a LBer I’m not going to question it. He knows what good lookin LBers look like, no doubt.

I feel the same about Chavis and his evaluations. He spotted something and
now others will probably follow. He highly values grit, speed, and want to.

You know if Chavis likes a LB, and that’s the position he coaches, he’s going to do his best to find the best. Maybe we can pick up one or two from OU since Stoops apparently is out as DC.