Commission calls for more NCAA oversight of AAU events … au-events/

The change to banning coaches that cheat is common sense!

They do a lousy job of overseeing NCAA teams, what possibly can give any one any confidence that they can provide effective oversight for AAU?

Either they will try to go to far and get sued or they will have a paper tiger oversight process that does nothing to keep the sleaze out of the game. There just is no reason to believe that they will suddenly become competent enforcers.

The same commission report also called for an end to one-and-done. Acknowledging that it’s the NBA that controls that aspect, the commission said if the NBA doesn’t act, the NCAA will look into other ways to curb players leaving early, including locking scholarships if a player leaves after one year, or freshman ineligibility. They said they talked about the baseball model – zero years or three years – but did note recommend that. They also want players to be able to return to school if they enter the draft and don’t get picked, as long as they didn’t sign a professional contract.

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