Comments On Game Phases Today

  1. Obviously we were outmanned on both side of the line of scrimmage. It’s a talent difference especially on defense. 4 & 5*’s everywhere. Top 5 classes stacked up the last 5-6 years vs 20-25th ranked classes. Coach Pittman has to build quality SEC lines for us to compete at the highest level in the SEC.
  2. Special teams not special at all and kinda embarrassing. I think a lot of young players are being used and this goes with the territory as they grow and learn the ropes.
  3. Penalties are killing us! Lack of discipline on most of these, especially Oline. Wagner’s gotta figure out how to watch the snap. We can get whipped because the other guys are more talented, but we can’t allow a lack of concentration to back is in a corner like today.
  4. Let’s see how this team responds these next few weeks. Ole Miss looks beatable as do Auburn, LSU, State and Missouri. Can we play-these teams like we did against UT and AM?

I think we can play w anyone but Bama left on schedule. But Georgia showed how a great team attacks the 3-3-5. Run it down our throats which is what Ole miss will do if they are patient

They don’t come close to Georgia in OL or running backs, and most certainly not on the defensive side.

I always notice that when we lose to Alabama or Georgia everyone forgets coaching. Everyone says it is a 5 star problem that we don’t have. I remember Georgia in the third quarter on defense shifted their defensive lineman and blitzed a linebacker. They sacked us. Did we ever stunt? We played rush 3 drop 8 for three quarters because it made us famous in earlier games. Three studs don’t beat five many times. We went to a four man front in the fourth quarter. Why didn’t we do that in the second quarter?
The ole miss game made the rush 3 drop 8 famous last year. They have thought about it a year. What will we do next week on defense?

I agree, Razorwill. Ole Miss has a solid running attack and a good running quarterback in Corral. Hopefully, we can slow them down some. I expect them to outscore us. We are going to need to run the ball well to keep the Rebs offense off the field to win.

Go Hogs!

Excessive penalties can be fixed. Blocked punts are a recurring problem that must be fixed.

I think that we can outscore Ole Miss. We can control the line of scrimmage. We have enough fast skilled players to score a lot of points against them.

The Georgia game provided a true reality check for the whole team. They were just better. Fortunately, there is only one other team we play that will dominate us. Alabama.

Just remember how awful we were post Petrino. We are much better now and we will continue to improve. Remember, a month ago, that the the most optimistic expectations for the team was 7 wins.

We can beat everyone else on our schedule except Alabama. I don’t expect us to win 10 games this year, but I think that 8-9 wins are possible.

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