Comments from Missouri

Yesterday I listened to the game on S-XM from the Missouri feed. I needed to go up to the site of the first of many disasters, CSU, and it it hurts far to much to watch this team. Their comments started out polite. As the game went on, they seemed amazed. It went something like the SEC is all about big, quick, athetlic linemen and Arkansas has none. No wonder they had such a bad year. They had heard that Bret B had recruited poorly, but just could not believe how fast and far Arkansas had fell. By mid game, the actually started feeling sorry for the Hogs.

Of course, we all knew this by yesterday, but it was interesting to hear that from “the other side.”

Remember when Missouri joined the SEC and we wondered if they belonged and could not believe we had to lower ourselves to play them? How does that go now?

I blame Long. Not only did he make a horrible hire, he gave him extensions with a buyout he did not deserve.

Huge fail in every way.

Sad,sad, sad.

We are, at present, an embarrassment to the rest of the league. A whipping boy for all.

Any and all that played a part in this disaster need to be “purged.”

I know Jeff and Bielema were canned, but is there anybody else? I guess Gearheart but he was also sent out to pasture.

Anybody else ?

True words - I said early on that playing Mizzou doesn’t help us - If you want to be a great SEC program

You lose to Mizzou you are diminished - and Arkansas was diminished as a serious program yesterday to the point even Mizzou cant respect themselves for beating us

You beat Mizzou and “You should have” if you are a great program

The SEC arrangement of this game only makes the rich richer - LSU vs TAMU (Richer)

The Poor Poorer - Ark vs Mizzou (Poorer)

If the SEC wants balance they make it Mizzou vs TAMU and Ark vs LSU

Still Arkansas now needs a total rebuild and its years of struggle ahead - Lets face it - we are now Kansaw not Arkansas and Mizzou is the program we are now measured by for its end of year profile - Now let that sink in?

Yes we have to say it - Arkansas - we Suck and Mizzou - That great storied program - “Mizzou” - is a step up for Arkansas

I agree - his hires looked good on paper but the results are clear - Arkansas is a diminished program that is irrelevant in SEC Football except as a homecoming game

I hate saying that - I am hoping Coach Morris doeskin quit out of “Bait and Switch” allegations

Im sure Coach Morris wasn’t correctly informed how bad the talent was

Chavis sure needs to go. His time is past

Well, IMHO his unit was the only positive spot this year - I’m good for giving him another year or two

Lets see - He too didn’t have a lot to work with - but yes from my foxhole - the defense seemed to be the only functional unit on the field - you just watched fatigue and the smoke and mirrors start to fail that was covering the weaknesses

Biggest problem I saw started with the Oline and than the Offense itself and then the Special teams

Our FG kicker is solid - that all I can say

When you don’t care and are unmotivated, maybe having second thoughts about whether you want to keep playing, or if you want to stay at UA…suddenly you aren’t as strong, and don’t run as fast as you once did. Desire has a lot to do with it.

Those players that whipped us up and and down the field - both MS State and Missouri - were not superior as recruits. They weren’t 30 points better a year ago. They have been developed better, are growing in a program that is stable and moving forward in sync with itself, and are not dealing with “buy in” or “culture shock.”

When you are a passing team or an RPO team you need a good QB.

We have the best QB in 2 of our games this year, the two games we won. It is a pretty easy metric for evaluating things, unfortunately. Fix that reality and things improve.

We go over the OL a lot. It is an easy target. Early in the year, the seniors on the right side of the line were not noticeably better, if at all, than the freshmen playing on the left side of the line (including true frosh Noah Gatlin at one point).

The issue we have to ask about: game after game the seniors not named Froholdt were not very good…why didn’t we see other options? Are they that much worse? Are they that much of a risk to the health of your QB?

Who are these options who should have been playing?

Hays – Career over due to injury.
Merrick – ditto
Heinrich – ditto.
Malone – out with knee injury.
Winkel – out with shoulder surgery.
Rogers – decided he’d rather be a cop.

That’s a whole lot of options that weren’t options any more. Fully one third of our OL on the roster.

Your question about who else should be held accountable, I’d nominate - and I do not suggest this lightly - those who were members of the Board of Trustees that voted in favor of Long’s recommendations.

Thought about that - my educated guess is if Tommy Boyer had joined the board a few years ago the Jeffie clown show would have been cancelled a Hell of a lot sooner.

I remember there was some fights there in fact - If I remember correctly didn’t one resign when Butch Davis wasn’t hired?

IMHO that was a significant mistake Coach Butch Davis hire would of resulted in a much stronger Arkansas but If I’m correct - Jeff Long wouldn’t interview someone so close to a Trustee

There are leadership models that would agree with Jeff Long - IMHO that was the mistake

others would say the Gus Buss oversight was the other - could be but my bets were on Butch Davis

Its now all water under the bridge - I’m glad to have Coach Morris - I do not think Arkansas can do any better - I hope he can pull this off

Oh, I get that list. Outside of Winkel, these are upperclassmen who you would thinkk could have contributed. I’m talking about Clenin, Gatlin, Capps, Adcock, and Wagner. They were not noticeably worse when in the game than the guy they replaced. I get that you want to redshirt Gatlin. I’d have gotten him four full games of experience, though.

I am pretty sure that part of the expectations handed to Long when he was hired was to create some separation between the various programs and the GOBN. In other words, transition away from Frank’s loyal followers. The reasons were not anti-Frank as much as an acknowledgement that Frank failed to make hard decisions because he was too afraid of offending those who had been so loyal to him all those years. Fundraising, facilities, coaching salary upgrades (especially the assistant coaches), women’s programs, and LR games were all issues where Frank was hesitant to topple any apple carts.

I thought Long might make it three years. He made it ten.

He might have made it longer had he been willing to realize that after 3-4 years he could lighten up on the shift away from Frank, but he never seemed to do that.

If we are looking for upper administration mismanagement I’ll go with John White > Jeff Long. White was a real problem, much more so than Long.

This is one of the big things that killed us. People keep talking about only having 8 with which to practice. You realistically probably only can carry 15-17 OL out of 85. If 6 go down with injuries or quitting, and then you get a couple more dinged up (which you due as practice goes on) and a few others struggle. you’re going to be in serious trouble.

The onus was on Bielema and Morris to develop others and try to patch it together, but they’ve had a ridiculous amount of attrition in the OL and that’s something people forget or gloss over when discussing the OL failures.

I think CCM should be admired for doing what he did for the first 9 games considering the depleted line situation he was faced with from the get go.

I agree - still failed the mission it’s what we call at the US Army Combat Training Centers “The full Envolope ” where the tested unit is challenged across all three operational phases - “Plan, Prep and Execution”

With five of 9 (or more) of the Battlefield Operating Systems set up to disadvantage the unit in each of the three phases

As an OC I never saw a unit in those conditions not fail

The idea is to challenge the unit to learn how merciless combat operations are - to identify what you did right - what you did wrong and learn from each failure - then make changes that minimize failure in the future

At times that means changing leadership and personnel for more talented folks

Arkansas just had a full operstions envelop season and failed

Now what did they learn - what will they do about it?

Very interesting…thanks for sharing.