Why do we seem to end up with frustrated referees as our commentators, especially ones who seem to like to make calls against the Hogs?

The same reason that 99% of the time a play like that is reviewed, the outcome of the review is not going to go Arkansas’ way.

These guys are so biased for Virginia Tech and they also consider themselves smarter than anybody else. Pitiful.

Who cares? Truth is, no one cares enough about Arkansas football to be biased against it. The announcers are just who they are: Third tier for a couple of third tier teams. Just enjoy the good football played by the Hogs tonight. Lose the Arkansas inferiority complex. We’re about to win!!!

They sound like the same Chuck and Keith to me. :wink:

I’m enjoying Keith’s final game.

So are you sayin ESPN is part of the Tech network?

Um, no. I said that I listened to the radio, not the boob tube.