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Especially with White committing to Auburn…Briles did not land a keeper at Qb while OC here. Coley and Hornsby didn’t pan out and are gone. He did help KJ and coached him up, but KJ was signed by the previous staff.

Guess my point…did KB have a good eye for picking good QBs when his other two didn’t pan out? Did he pick the wrong one with this 24 class to go after and now we are scrambling? I know we have a year but still stings some.

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Briles signed Singleton and Criswell. Enos is probably glad to inherit those two. Briles also signed Franks.


While not untrue, if they work out is that because they were coached up by Enos? I don’t think Briles did a great job coaching up what he did have at his disposal, beyond KJ.


Briles owes a lot to Treylon Burks.


Kendall Bryies did a good job here…no need to disparage him because he left. He helped develop Franks and KJ. He was only here 3 years…Franks and KJ have given us good quarterback play, Our problem is a porous, bad defense.


I’m not disparaging him because he left. I’m glad he’s gone. I think Enos is an upgrade; time will tell. I don’t think KB did a good job having backup QBs ready to play. I understand that seldom will your backup QB be able to just step in and there be no drop off. In our case, the drop off was like the Grand Canyon.

Wasn’t the Liberty QB their third stringer? 49ers went way into playoff with a backup. Good teams have backups ready to play. Hornsby, our backup, just never developed enough.


According to former players here who played under Enos & KB, Enos is a great hire & will continue to upgrade the Arkansas program & QB development. If we have the coaches & staff who will prepare those players, especially QBs, for the NFL & get them national exposure, expect our recruiting will improve.
No doubt it is a challenge to retain talented back-up QBs who believe they should be starters, especially with the portal. Hornsby is talented & CSP wanted to keep him, but he never proved to be capable as an SEC QB.

In @hogq defense. He was not sold on Briles the entire year. And he posted his concerns frequently. It had nothing to do with Briles bolting.

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I certainly don’t dispute he has athletic talent; I’m just not sure he is even a P5 QB.

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Multi-year, firsthand experience says he was not an SEC level QB. Too much ego and too little maturity bumped up against his ceiling of ability.

Didn’t the coaches try to move him to the receiver position & in response he entered the portal the first time? After 2 yrs of coaching him into the QB role, had higher expectations. Assume he blames his struggles on the coaching. With Singleton & Criswell, the writing was on the wall.

I get so tired of people running down coaches after they leave. None are perfect and have faults. But some don’t credit them. They pick at sores. They do that with Briles.

Burks owes a lot to Briles. Burks did not push himself in winter or summer conditioning his first two years. He had injuries and that was part of it.

But Briles pushed him and convinced him to get in shape so he would not sub himself out after a deep route. And he did for his last year. He still got hurt but his conditioning was better. I give Briles the credit for that. I’m told a really frank conversation Briles had with Burks clicked.


Coasting in the NFL will shorten his career and cost him alot of money.

KJ was a very good back up to Franks. Not any drop off when KJ started in Franks place. That being said KB didn’t sign KJ either.

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KJ was awesome at Missouri when Franks was hurt. Defense lost that game. It was as good of a performance by a backup as I’ve seen. Convinced me KJ was ready to start next year.


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