Coming to Baum-Walker stadium?

Vanderbilt baseball stadium to unveil beer lounge

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Vanderbilt University’s baseball stadium is set to start pouring beer for fans, but only in a premium section of the ballpark.

The school’s athletic department announced Tuesday that Hawkins Field will feature the Home Run Lounge, a premium tented area where fans 21 years old and up can buy beer and spiked seltzer.

The alcohol sales will start as a pilot program only during home SEC series. Fans must buy a $10 wristband and have a game ticket to access the lounge.

Beer won’t be sold or allowed in the main seating area.

I thought it was going to change to Baum-Walker.

Being picky aren’t we.

When we were at Rice for the regional in 2012, they had an area just outside the fence which sold beer. (There was a gate from the seating area.) You could not take it back to your seat, but it was available.

They were serving beer at the Frisco tournament two years ago, College World Series and I believe at the Stillwater Regional a few years ago they were serving beer. Nothing like an alcohol charged Razorback fan.

Outside of the suites, Baum does not have a lot of what are considered premium seats. There are a couple of rows in front of the press box that probably seat a few-dozen people, called Hog Heaven, but otherwise the only premium areas in the stadium are the suites, and those are already stocked with alcohol.

I’m not sure about Stillwater (I don’t remember any beer being served), but the Frisco tournament was at a MiLB stadium. They serve beer at the SMS (aka Missouri State) games, but those are held at the Cardinals AA park in Springfield. And all kinds of alcoholic beverages were served at Ameritrade.

I’d like to see beer served at the games. Wine would be fine, too, but somehow I just can’t see drinking wine at a baseball game. Beer seems much more natural. Regardless, it’d be good for revenue. Don’t see any reason not to do it now that we’ve introduced it elsewhere

I don’t really like beer, about half of a small one is all that I can manage. I do like red wine. :wine_glass:

That said, I usually just partake at the tailgate and that way I can have my favorite adult beverage. :tropical_drink::tumbler_glass: