Combine results...

I know measurables aren’t everything but I was surprised to see how poorly Ryan Pulley did at the combine among his DB peers. He finished literally at or near the bottom in all of the drills he participated in. If the pool was a smaller sample size of 10 or so it would not be as huge of a deal but since it was 27 this can’t be good for him.

I know he left a bit of a sour taste in a lot of fans’ mouths based on his final game as a Razorback but we can’t forget he was the closest thing we had to a true cover corner the last few years. I hope he is able to rebound from this poor showing by having a good pro day, etc. Perhaps he was nursing an injury; for his sake I hope so.

The other 3 former Razorbacks fell out about where I thought they would. I think each of them will land on a roster somewhere but I doubt they will all 3 be drafted.

Pulley showed up 11 pounds heavier for the combine than his program weight at Arkansas. He did okay on the bench press, but bombed on everything else. So was he out of shape or did he make a mistake leading up to the combine and over-emphasize the weight training?

He badly needs to have a good pro day, but that’s not a whole lot of time to correct everything that went wrong at the combine.

The tape shows a guy with NFL skills, but he is going to have trouble getting drafted if he does not show more and soon.

Pullley really didn’t perform well he should have come back his redshirt