Combating lies & negative recruiting with Marketing

Richard, can you talk to Long and Bielema about this?

I have been told by some recent players that they were so happy they agreed to come on a recruiting visit to see the UofA with their own eyes. Other schools paint a pretty bleak picture of Arkansas and the UofA and many kids are narrow minded enough to believe it. We need a marketing campaign to show how nice it is in Arkansas and post it on the UofA athletics website.

We need to show that our past is in the past, because our competition is telling recruits about the negative image of Arkansas. Our Admin sucks at developing marketing and advertising tools to combat our competitors. Our image is not good so we need to show that the whole state has things to be proud of yet we still need to improve. Our state and Fayetteville have landed on some good magazine lists that need to be AGGRESSIVELY marketed and emphasized.

If a recruit says that he had heard bad things about Arkansas, then I would love for our coaches to be able to send a link to a video page on our website that has various videos and positive rankings for Degree programs, Quality of Life, Jobs, Economic Growth, Hi tech, etc. from Magazines like Forbes, Money, US News and World Report, etc. A smart recruit would think, “do I listen to the Coach at A&M, OM, LSU, etc or do I watch a video with real visual proof and quotes from major magazines saying good things?”

In the world of drone video our AD should be commissioning videos from the UofA Advertising and Marketing programs. We need videos of Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, Eureka Springs, etc. They should have video segments about Wal-Mart, Tyson, JB Hunt, Crystal Bridges, AMP and recent musical acts, Beaver Lake, etc.

They should have video segments about the national ranking by Magazines of All Arkansas cities for standard of living and job growth. They should do a video segment about the rest of the state and Little Rock, River Market, Clinton Library, Heiffer, Dillards, Stephens, etc.

Our Admin needs to use the new drone video options that are so cost effective. We can show aerial views of the environment at DWRRS, show the campus, show downtown Fayetteville, Dickson st after a game

We need to show new improvements in Little Rock, Clinton Library, Heifer Int’l, River Market and new downtown developments.

We need to let recruits know this is a great place for a job and that there is something in the water here since we have homegrown giants in Wal-Mart, Tyson, JB Hunt, Stephens, Dillards, etc.

Good post…this is just part of it. Of course, EVERY school, (just like politics), uses negative campaigning. We have to use EVERY available tool. (of course “winning” is the BEST tool). Accentuate EVERY positive. We have the most beautiful school environment nestled in the beautiful Boston Mtns. Most kids, particularly TX kids, have never seen such beauty.
But that isn’t the only tool to use…“facilities”; “fan support”, and anything else you can think of!!!

I bet our coaches show up in overalls and show a few re-runs of Hee Haw when they visit other schools.

The information that is on-line and available to recruits is massive. They are sent links to see what our area is like, so I know that they do find out if they do anything at all to open the links. Arkansas coaches know how to get the information to players. They also have the listing that rate Fayetteville as the number three best place to live in the nation. That speaks volumes.

One highly recruited Texas kid said he didn’t like the campus and NWA.

Like Clay said, Arkansas has plenty of info online. It’s my understanding you can’t mail out videos. That’s why they have them all online.

Schools talk to the guys in each recruiting class and pick their brains about what schools are saying and doing in recruiting.

This staff does more of that than any of the previous staffs I have been around since arriving in Fayetteville in 1981.

They inundate the prospects with a ton of positive stuff about the program, the city and the state

Bielema is a marketing major. He gets it