Columns about Orville

Clay, I just briefly wanted to reiterate what I have said multiple times: columns about your dad are so therapeutic to us old-timers. They bring back SO MANY wonderful memories. Plus, considering I went into the same field as my own dad, it makes me feel close to him. How many days did I watch him run a choir rehearsal at Sylvan Hills? A zillion I am sure. His great hero was Frank Broyles, and he ran his choir like a sports team. I reckon I do too.

I still remember all the times when Dad and I would fight of the Gazette so we could be the first to read Orville!

Of course, now YOU are to readers what your dad was to earlier generations. Thank you for your wonderful work Clay.


Ditto here - during football season it was a mad dash to grab the Sunday paper and read what OH had to say about the game! Wonderful, magical times back then - some of my best memories

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