Colton Jackson will no longer play

Chad Morris said Colton Jackson informed him this morning that he was no longer going to play football after suffering multiple injuries - some recurring - the past two seasons. Here is more:

Hate to hear this, but agree that it is understandable. Recurring back injuries are nothing to fool around with. Best of luck to Colton!

I hope that he recovers his health and finds success in the next phase of his life.

He drew lots of criticism over the years, I know his play frustrated me at times. I wonder if some of his problems were health-related all along. He showed a lot of determination and guts to keep at this long. Thanks Colton, for being a Razorback.

Is Marcus Miller able to redshirt? Has he played in more than four games?

All the best for Colton. He has really struggled with his health. Glad he’s making a decision to focus on his health and future.

Thanks Colton for choosing to be a Hog!

Miller played in two games. He can redshirt.

I think Miller flashed some in his limited action this year. Hopefully he will be good to go in the spring.