Colton Jackson is noticebly bigger!

I have never been a fan of his but as I always do! when somebody does something good I give them a shout out! saw a good viedeo of him standing up elsewhere and his arms are Way bigger than in the past and I can tell he has pumped some serious iron,.good job! now lets take that into game action and dominate.its his last chance and maybe that has turned his lightbulb on…looking forward to seeing how he does

T. J. Smith raved about the way Colton Jackson worked this summer. He said he was far and away the guy in the O-line that led with the way he worked. He said you only are supposed to work five days a week in the lifting, then take two days off for recovery. He said the O-line and the D-line rarely did that. He said he’d go to the lifting room on Saturday not expecting to find anyone early in the summer. Colton Jackson and Ty Clary were already there. Pretty soon, it was Dorian Gerald there with them from the D-line. Gradually, they were all there on Saturday. Coaches ran them out on Sunday, noting they would break down if they didn’t take at least one day off.

The key for Colton Jackson is to stay healthy. He missed seven games last year after back surgery, then missed the final half of spring with a knee injury. If he can stay healthy and have a break-out season, then Myron Cunningham can compete at left guard with Austin Capps. I don’t know who will win that job, but Capps will have to be sensational to hold off Cunningham, because he’s going to be a special player. Cunningham gained strength this summer. He did everything right. So look out Capps.

That’s very impressive.

This team seems to be pushing in the right direction.

like I said I saw a great pic of him standing up and his arms were huge! had to look again to be make sure it was him and it i know that has nothing to do with moving feet to block DE but I think once he gets his hands on you this yr he has a chance to move you! I have never seen him be aggressive before so hopefully he realizes thius is it and will have a great season for us.I am excited to see how he does and I have been one of his harshest critics so I am really pulling for him!

I agree about Cunningham he is going to get somebody’s spot probably and now that Gatlin is out I can see him being crosstrained at RT as well,he will play IMO.

Totally agree! I am excited to see if it shows up on the field…I think it will!!