Colored Football Fields

Love em or hate em? The Bryan Harsin thread got me to thinking about this gridiron sacrilege, and how watching games on that blue turf makes my head hurt. I know the Boise program has benefitted from their bold, brazen decision to go with a blue field, but does anyone else want to see this? I once feared that this would be a nationwide trend that every school would jump on " because recruits like it". Mercifully, that hasn’t happened, though I’m well aware of the visual gawdiness on display in Conway, Eastern Washington and a few other places. IMHO, there is only one city in the land that could ever justify having a blue field, and that city is in West Virginia.

Hate it.

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Grass is green.

Except at RRS in Dec, lol.

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Don’t like it. Hurts my eyes to watch a game played there


I can’t stand watching a game on those blue or striped fields. I just won’t do it. I want to see a game, not the stage they’re playing on. I’m not even too crazy about those fields that alternate dark green & light green every five yards, but at least those look like football fields.

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I think the field at UCA would be like the worst hangover ever, no way I could watch a game there.

The teal field of Coastal Carolina and red field of Eastern Washington are just as bad as Boise State. UCA’s might be the worst.

totally agree, field should be green…I don’t even like “weird” basketball courts. That being said, I do LOVE my Celtics’s fabled parquet floor.

Just imagine if Texas were to install a burnt orange field. Then they could add pants and helmets to match the field. Just think how difficult it would be to defend the triple option. Defenses would struggle mightily to find the ball.

I always get a kick out people talking about a team changing the field to match the color of their uniforms, and whether or not that is an advantage. Yet nobody ever worries about teams wearing green.

If the ball were green and the shade of green used in the unis matched the grass it could be an advantage.

DKR wanted to have a picture of a football across the front middle of their jersey when they were running the wishbone. For some reason the NCAA would not allow it. Bet if Texas or Bama asked now, they would just say for you only, whatever you need.


I don’t care for them. UCA’s is the worst, but several others are pretty bad. I can (almost) stand the Coastal field. It is, at least, close to green.

I feel like the Coastal field should be bordered with white, powdery sand. Same with Florida in the Atlantic. They should have a beach motif field too.

The official color of the University of Texas is a light shade of orange, almost Tennessee light (I worked at the UT medical school in Galveston for eight years and there was plenty of bright orange to be seen on campus, including the patches on my lab coat). But they had trouble getting jerseys in the early 20th century that didn’t quickly fade to yellow, so in the 1920s they went to burnt orange which held up through the laundry better. Then during World War II, they couldn’t get the proper dyes due to war shortages, so they went back to bright orange until DKR arrived. Burnt orange became the official athletic color in 1967.

The field at UCA – grey and purple – is not my idea of what a football field ought to look like. And, yes, that’s what it is, grey and purple.

Eastern Washington is the most unbearable, the only one that is physically painful and not just annoying. Luckily I only watched 5 minutes of one game one time. UCA second.

Yep. That will burn some retinas!