ColoradoHog: Thoughts on Mike Bobo?

Fits the “up and comer” profile and obviously has a lot of experience in the SEC. Given he’s in your back yard curious about your impressions of him…

He comes from the right tree! He would have a defense that would play hard.
I’d like Brent Venables to get the job!

Bobo will probably be looking to move on if he can win two or three more games this year. He’s got a lot of seniors on that CSU team, and they may be down a bit next year. If CSU goes 3-1 or better down the stretch he will be a hot item.

I would think Tennessee will make a hard run at him or maybe Venables, though they could swallow their pride and try to hire Norvell. I think he or Campbell at Iowa State would both be good choices.

I havn’t followed real close, but they are leading the Mtn. West. Still have to play BSU and WY which are the othe stronger teams in that league.

He will certainly throw the ball around. I have not been impressed with their defense, but then it is the Mtn. West. Heck, they played Bama much better than we did (not saying much there). His teams play hard and they do not quit. Can’t get a read on his recruiting as it is CSU. They take players from all over, but mostly from CO and CA.

I was so looking forward to The Hogs coming here to play next Sept., but am starting to dread it. They would beat our team hands down right now. That would be a nightmare I would never get over.

He knows what is required in the SEC unlike the present staff. That would be a plus.