Colorado state

What is the best way to buy tickets to this game? Considering heading up for that game.

I would assume through the UA if you get season tickets.

My advice is if you want to sit with Razorback fans, call the Razorback Ticket office. I ordered 6. If you want good seats, call Col St.

I’m going to guess that Arkansas’ ticket office has very few to sell. I can’t imagine the Mountain West Conference having large travel parties, so the designated visitor ticket allotment (which is dictated by the host conference) is probably going to be relatively small.

I think the best bet might be a third-party vendor like StubHub, but maybe Jim or some of our other Coloradans can chime in with best practices.

Thanks guys. I’ll see what I can come up with.

No problem. You owe us big time. That was some serious work.

Send me a PM if you want me to drop by the ticket office at CSU. I am there at least once a week. Vistor section is second level, NE corner and not real large. I got 5 through UofA last week. Just depends on what you want.

Let me know if I can help in any other way. Where to stay, directions, what else to see, etc. Glad to help if you need anything.

Come on out and stay a few days. Great time to be out here.


Thanks Jim. I might be reaching out to you.

This game at Colorado State I believe is the key game for the upcoming season if our Hogs want to reach bowl eligibility.
If they can win this one on the road early then I believe we should be 4-0 in the non-conference and have a good shot at winning at least 2 of the four conference game with Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Missouri.
That would get us to 6-6 for the season, I believe that’s realistically about all we can expect any more wins would be gravy.
The Colorado State game will not be easy at their place and if our offense hasn’t gotten it figured out then they could send us home with a loss and that would most likely signal another sub .500 season and no bowl game.

Go Hogs!