Colorado State takeaways

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That may have been the weakest of the teams we have played so far, especially after their early foul troubles. (Prentiss Nixon had a great game) There were a lot of things that occurred to be optimistic about, but I think if we are to have success going forward at least two or three guys have got to assert themselves on the glass. For the short foul plagued time he was in there Gabe Osabuohein gave that effort. SEC play is going to be brutal, especially on the road. NC and Houston have already exposed our softer side. Early on Colorado State was pounding us on the glass, and for the game did outrebound us by 7. The turnover discrepancy made up for that. That discrepancy will probably be minimal against the better teams. REBUND REBOUND REBOUND. Maybe we can take a hint from Nebraska, who outrebounded Minnesota in a 10 point win.

They’ve had some issues giving up offensive boards to teams, but their 71.5 defensive rebounding rate would actually be the best of Mike’s tenure.

Was talking to someone within the program after the game and brought up Trey’s issue with consistently boxing guys out, a skill he should be good at if he chooses given his frame. They get on him about that all the time. It isn’t that he necessarily has to grab the rebound, but he’s got to do a better job putting a body on dudes.

Gabe plays with great effort. Arlando had several nice effort plays, too, which is what he excels at.

Daniel grabs about one in every four defensive rebounds when he’s on the court, which is a really high rate. Ranks fifth in the SEC. There’ll be some putback issues at times with him on the court when he goes for blocks, but he has the great ability to get contested boards even with not being nearly as strong as he eventually will be.

The team has rebounded best on the defensive glass with Adrio on the court, compared to the other bigs. He and Gafford together have been a really good rebounding group.

You can’t go by total rebounds. Nebraska and Minnesota were effectively even on the boards. What Nebraska did well was force a lot more misses, while rebounding as well as Minnesota. If both defenses rebound 70% of the opponent’s misses but team A misses a lot more shots, it will look like team B dominated the glass in terms of total rebounds. In reality they dominated FG percentage.