Colorado State Pre-game

If you are coming out for the game, we will be hosting a happy hour get together at Henry’s Pub in Loveland, Colorado on Friday Sept 7. Great pub to get local brews of the area, not far from Ft. Collins and Estes Park. We will start at 4pm. There will be local hog fans and CSU fans taking part. Hope you can make it out.

That would be a blast! Wish we could go

See you there.

There are some amazing local beers coming out of CO now and they are centered in that Loveland/Collins area.

I was at CSU today. They had their signs up about parking and where not to park for the game tomorrow night. I have a couple of my students scoping out how the parking situation works there (I don’t know).Right now I am recomending coming in on Prospect (middle Collins exit) and keying on south campus garage. Still checking on that. May not even be open to the public, but will know all of that before game week.

Weather has been good of late.

I bought a one game pass from Colorado State for their “Ram” lot, early this week, which arrived yesterday. The Ram lot is on (I think) the west side of campus over by what looks like on the parking map their baseball field, some intermural fields and maybe their basketball arena. It’s a few blocks from the stadium.

By the way, CSU apparently has some pretty strange restrictions on tailgating in their on campus lots. I’m not sure you can tailgate in that on-campus parking deck.

Here’s a link to their game day parking map: … df?id=8558

I’m staying at Gage’s house for the week. Well, not the entire week. But almost.

I know what we will be doing Friday night. We will be at Henry’s.

Just so you know, not related to these folks. But wish I was. They are really good. It will be terrific. I’ve had many meals at Henry’s with Ginger and Jeremiah. You will like it.

Can’t beat craft beer. Always try a few in each city I visit.

Gosh I’d love to make it to Henry’s. We are staying in Cheyenne with an old College buddy. Five of us who haven’t all been together in the same spot since UA in 1974. Really looking forward to it

Would love to see Jeremiah and Clay. :slightly_frowning_face:


We promise to tell you fish stories. Mostly true.

There is a lot of things about us that is alike.

As you well know, this is not one of them.

Venture out.

Got to meet some folks at Henry’s. Watching Gage prepare his barbecue for tailgate. Gonna be awesome.