Colorado State game thread

About to head to BWA. It’s suddenly gotten very cold in NWA.

Jimmy don’t forget your coat! Get us a win!

Man it’s a ghost town in here. 3,000 maybe.

Dustin replacing Adrio in tonight’s starting lineup. When Mike talked about making a move, I figured this would be the one.

Off to another rocking start. Nothing but bricked threes.

It just seems like Macon and Bardford are not getting shots!

Kinda turned up the defense, and CSU is getting in foul trouble. Nice run, started by getting the ball inside to Dan.

Having a hard time trying to get it on ESPN3. Plays for a bit, stops. Plays for a bit, stops. No fun trying to watch it.

Same here, so I’ve left Chuck and Matt on rather than wait for the buffering.

At least that’ll work.

Wow. From down 13-2 to up 47-29. I’ll take the occasional 45-16 run :smiley:

Zero turnovers in the first half had a lot to do with that 45-16 run, which is now up to 50-16. First turnover-free half in nearly three years.

7,882 in the building tonight per Chuck, with official attendance (= tickets sold) of 13,000+

And if anyone cares, tonight’s victory should take us to about 11th on the RPI list at

When I posted 3,000 it was 5 minutes prior to tip. It was a very late arriving crowd and that seems accurate.

After the first 4 minutes of brick city it was very entertaining. Gafford, Hall and Jones were superb in turning the game around for a 47-19 run to finish the half.

Fun game (and yes I know CSU stunk).