Colorado Hog?

Saw the Alumni Association put this up for the Colo St. game:

Not interested in the total package as I have in-laws in the area, but they do advertise a tailgate party at Bob Davis Hall. I assume this is close to the stadium? Were you involved in the planning? If not, does it have the Colorado Hog seal of approval? Or are you planning an alternate gameday event? Thanks for any info, just want to show the in-laws a good time.


Just saw your note. First, I had nothing at all to do with this and am not aware of any of it. There is an alumni group here that normally meets for games an seem to be somewhat active. I would guess they were involved.

I have not planned anything yet other than to go to the game of course. I am sure there will be some good Hog Tailgates, etc. around and this may be one. I bet the Denver group sends out info to us as they always do, but have yet to see anything. Will Post when I see it. Remember, this is not an SEC venue. They don’t do much at that.

Just some general information:

The away seats shown on the diagram are not as bad as it appears. The stadium is just not big by SEC standards, but it is new and nice. Better seats may be available through CSU. Don’t know, but having an SEC team come to Collins is a big deal, and since we have been such an anemic SEC team, they may feel they have a chance - which they do for sure.

Parking can be an issue. They will be able to park you, but get there early. That has been a point of contention ever since the campus stadium deal came up. I have even had trouble getting into my greenhouse on gamedays.

I have suggested to people looking for places to stay consider the group of hotels around the junction of I-25 & US 34 E. of Loveland. Also, Cheyenne is only 30-45 min. N on I 25 for folks interested in that.

The Broncos are playing on Sunday if interested in NFL. You can normally get in, but it will cost you. Games at Mile High are normally fun and the locals are really inot the donkeys.

Weather is normally good in Sep. I would suspect it will be very warm during the day, and cool off rapidly as the sun goes down. There is always the possibility of rain showers in the late afternoon so be prepared.

If anyone going has not been in the mountains, please come a day or two early or stay after to enjoy our Rocky Mountains. Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park is close and is a must for anyone that has not done it. Plan to take the day (and not Sat. of the game - you don’t want to have to rush back). I will be happy to give anybody advice on where to go or what to do depending on their whishes and time. Sep. 8 is just a few days early for the aspens to be turning, but there should be some to the N. up high. Take CO 14 W. out of Collins up over Camren Pass into one of my (and Clay’s) favorite towns, Walden. You could then then circle back around to the N or S depending on time. Just some ideas.

More to come later as requested. PM me should anybody have specific questions.

Usually the Arkansas Alumni tailgates are organized by the parent association and not the local group, although I’m sure that the local group is involved. (ComiskeyPork can verify that.) Often the information can be found at

I am really looking forward to this game. The opponent isn’t Power Five, but the opportunity to visit Colorado makes it a destination game. I love the West. I’d be happy to see games at Wyoming, BYU, Boise State or Air Force.

I’m bringing my mom on this trip with me. She grew up in Denver, but has not been back since her family moved away in the 1960s. We’ll go a couple of days early and enjoy the Rockies.