Colorado hires Prime Time

Pac-12 just got more interesting.

Is he bringing his 5* recruits with him?

Would not surprise me

He’s going to bring a ton of players. :joy::joy:

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Why would he go there I wonder. Seems many other potential fits this year or next

Turn them into a competitive FB team and then a lot more will be after him. He is 55 I think…

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Yep he’s 55. Jumps straight into Power 5 in probably the weakest P5 league. Would he go back to FSU when they run off Norvell? Maybe. Or he might just stay put if he gets CU back on track. Reportedly CU offered $5 million plus a bunch of incentives that could take him over $7M.

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For what it is worth marijuana is legal.

Stewart Mandel on what Prime might do in Boulder. Paywall

As it now is in a lot of places

Arkansas voted down legalization for personal use. Medical use is available here.

Arkansas is still a conservative state. Colorado has gone California.

San Franciso Ites love Colorado.
Hard for me to believe MJ is any more dangerous than alcohol. Many different addictions have destroyed countless lives and families.

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