Colorado Coach Mel Tucker has bolted to Mich. State

They have a 4**** running back from New Orleans and a 5***** DE transfer from Bama - go get them Sam!!!

The Bama transfer is already enrolled at CU. He also never sniffed the field at Bama and evidently didn’t think he ever would.

As for the RB, unless Colorado gives him a release he ain’t going anywhere without losing a year of eligibility. It’s not a redshirt situation; he would be able to play in 2021 but as a sophomore. That’s the LOI rules. Only way to get out of it is to get a release, or to stay at CU for one academic year.

You’re right. Dang why did you have to interject logic? Good to see you are still watching!

LOL. One more detail. Unless the RB puts his name in the portal, Sam can’t go after him anyway. I just looked. He hasn’t.

I do not think that’s true.

I think the RB or any recruit could get out of going to CU because the coach leff.

Uh, no. The National Letter of Intent website specifically states that you sign with the school, not the coach, and a coach’s departure does not release the player. Should CU give him his release if he asks for it? Yes, but they’re not obliged to do so.


“The NLI you signed with an institution remains binding if the coach who recruited you leaves the institution with which you signed. When you sign an NLI, you sign with an institution and not with a coach or a specific team.”

When Swine makes a statement of fact you can believe he knows of what he speaks…

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